Evan Seinfeld (Vocals) – Rusty Coones (Guitar) – Tommy Holt (Drums) – Zach Broderick (Bass) – Ira Black (Guitar)

2013 band photoATTIKA 7, the "supergroup" featuring Evan Seinfeld (ex-Biohazard), Rusty Coones, Tommy Holt (UPO), Zach Broderick (Nonpoint), Ira Black (Vicious Rumors, Metal Church,Heathen ,Lizzy Borden) recorded their debut album “Blood of my Enemies” in 2012 . The band is 100% independent and its style is considered Heavy Metal , Hard Rock with Melodic Hooks, influenced by Black Sabbath, Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, and classic rock as well.

The band recently recorded their debut LP Blood of My Enemies with legendary producer MUDROCK (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack). Blood of my Enemies is a brutal slab of unrelenting Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal backed by an authentic outlaw lifestyle. The groundwork was laid by guitarist and famed (Sons of Anarchy) motorcycle builder Rusty Coones in the confines of a federal penitentiary. It was in this unforgiving environment that he penned the songs that would eventually become the band's uncompromising debut.

Attika 7 combines evil sounding downtuned riffs with very melodic vocal lines, old school guitar solos and undeniable grooves into a sonic frenzy of outlaw biker counter culture! From serious Hardcore and Heavy metal bands with iconic histories comes Attika 7, a kind of Fuck You to the world... 100% pure passion. No fantasy, pure reality…. The reality of your worst nightmares. Songs about the trials and tribulations of life when the walls are closing in and your allies turn and run. Inspirational music about standing and fighting for your survival, alone! A soundtrack for the disenfranchised, the outcast, the misfits of society. If you've ever felt backed into a corner, Attika 7's lyrics and songs will speak directly to you!

Evan Seinfeld – “As I embarked on my journey of musical and personal reinvention, the first step was to put together a band of incredible players, with diverse styles and a unified vision to write, record and perform timeless Heavy Metal, backed by an authentic outlaw lifestyle. Second, was to write songs from our hearts and get them to the people... the people standing in the pit at the Metal Shows... to build the ATTIKA 7 Hellbound Army”

Rusty Coones – “Part of my life’s mission was to take the songs and the concept of Attika which started in prison when i was fighting a double life sentence, to share my experience and give people hope in bad situations..and share our message of strength in honor, loyalty, and freedom above all, and take it on the road. It is so important to me that people hear what ATTIKA 7 is all about and hear our music, and relate to our lyrics. Attika 7 speaks directly to those who live by their own rules.”

ATTIKA is all about friendship, creativity in our music and a powerful positive release to our negative energy, leaving behind only Blood of “our” Enemies!

Management, Adam Parsons and Ace Trump for Siren Artist management.

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