Rusty Joins Sons Of Anarchy Cast


The hit show Sons of Anarchy has been in the news a lot lately. It's garnered FX's largest audience ever, and is popular with millions of people who've never even sat on a motorcycle. But it's safe to say that if it wasn't legit, it wouldn't be a hit - it's the authenticity of the Brotherhood of Bikers that earns credibility with the mainstream and the Biker community alike (that and, the controlled chaos springing from Writer/Creator Kurt Sutter's disturbed, brilliant mind). Adding further street cred and authenticity this season with be Rusty Coones, master bike builder and owner of Illusion Cycles in Westminster, California. Rusty is introduced in episode 9 as Rane Quinn, President of the Nomads for the Sons. I know more about Rusty's character and what happens in the show, but I ain't talkin' - Kurt Sutter knows where my office is. Let's just say that Rusty's role will probably co-exist with who Rusty really is - a badass dude you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, but someone who, once you know him, is one of the nicest, coolest guys you'll ever meet. Sutter was great at bringing out Emilio Rivera's (Alvarez, President of the Mayans MC's) sincerity on screen, and we're sure fans will get to see Rusty's too. But don't worry, he'll bust some skulls in the process...

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