"A Must Have Purchase For All Readers Of Fireworks & Rocktopia": Rocktopia.com

A must have purchase for all readers of Fireworks & Rocktopia.

Attika 7 is a nu-metal supergroup of sorts featuring as it does ex-Biohazard vocalist/guitarist Evan Seinfeld and bassist Tony Campos, who was one of the founding members of Static-X as well as lead guitarist and motorcycle builder Rusty Coones - who has recently shot to fame, particularly in the States, through his involvement in the ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ TV series about the goings on of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club. You can forget about the nu-metal tag straight away though as the material on this, their debut album, is a glorious head on collision between snarling, detuned metal riffs, rumbling bass lines, booming yet surprisingly melodic vocals and more anthemic choruses than you would care to shake a stick at, topped off with good old fashioned tuneful guitar breaks that has given birth to a simply monstrous slab of the finest groove metal tunes you are likely to hear this year (or any other year for that matter!).

There is an assured groove, swagger and dare I say it commercial accessibility running through tracks such as ‘Serial Killer’, ‘All Or Nothing’, ‘No Redemption’ and ‘Living In Oppression’ that you will find hard to resist. Although faster paced cuts like album opener ‘Crackerman’ and ‘Greed And Power’ are driven along by incessant double bass fills they are far from being all out metal workouts due the ever present groove and a keen sense of melody that is still very much at the heart of both songs. ‘Devil’s Daughter’ is taken at a slower, more menacing pace turning it into a real broiling pot boiler that positively simmers over with unrelenting attitude and a two fingered conviction. ‘Lockdown’ is one of my personal favourites, its regimented, almost industrial verse riff and anthemic, rolling chorus structure would have been the obvious choice for a single if there was a market for such a commodity these days! The title track itself is another standout that makes good use of time and mood changes. Its fast verse arrangement and slower, brooding chorus will simply slay live.

The album deals with lyrical themes drawn from their own personal experiences of social exclusion and fighting a lone battle for survival. The band has even gone so far as to call it “A soundtrack for the disenfranchised, the outcast and the misfits of society”. This is no real surprise considering Coones started laying the groundwork for ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ while he was incarcerated in a US prison cell.

Produced by the legendary Mudrock (who has worked with Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack amongst others) this really is a first class release that effortlessly straddles both metal and hard rock genres. In many ways it’s like one of Rusty’s custom built ‘Hogs’. There’s plenty of grease n’ growl to satisfy the genuine metalheads but there’s more than enough chrome and polish on show for this to appeal to all you rockers out there as well. In other words it’s a must have purchase for all readers of Fireworks & Rocktopia! 

Alister Strachan


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