Noise Creep Hanging With Attika 7's Rusty Coones at His Customized Motorcycle Shop (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

 Posted on Oct 5th 2012 10:00AM by Carlos Ramirez



Noisecreep has already told you about Attika 7. The band features vocalist Evan Seinfeld ex-Biohazard, lead guitarist, songwriter and famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones, bassist Scott Reeder (ex-Kyuss), guitarist Zach Broderick (ex-Nonpoint) and drummer Tommy Holt (U.P.O.), laying down a lean and mean strain of hard rock.

Fresh off a run of West Coast dates on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, Attika 7 will be heading out again on a slew of live dates starting this Saturday (Oct. 6) in Ramona, Calif. The band is out in support of Blood of My Enemies, their newly released debut album.

Noisecreep recently had the pleasure of hanging with Rusty Coones, Attika 7's guitarist and also the newest cast member of Sons of Anarchy, at his Illusion Motorcycles custom shop in Westmister, Calif. It's the kind of place most guys would love to call their own, featuring all kinds of beautiful motorcycles, cool clothes and other assorted heavy metal-looking kinds of goodies.

But the shop's even more impressive when you consider that just a few years ago Coones was locked up in prison. The towering guitarist was allegedly part of a drug-smuggling ring and served time in what many people close to the case considered a bum rap. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Coones focused energy on the shop and his music. His story is one of redemption and determination and Noisecreep is honored to know the man.


Check Out Noisecreep Hanging at Illusion Motorcycles


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Blood of My Enemies is out now and available on Amazon and iTunes.

Attika 7 tour dates:

10/10/2012 Fullerton CA Slide Bar 
10/11/2012 San Jose CA Rodeo Club 
10/12/2012 Fresno CA Babylon 
10/13/2012 Hollywood CA Key Club
10/19/2012 Sanford FL Biketoberfest Seminole
10/20/2012 Jacksonville FL Brewsters
10/21/2012 Sanford FL Biketoberfest Seminole
11/23/2012 Ramona CA Ramona Mainstage

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