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Attika 7

Album Review:
Attika 7’s “Blood Of My Enemies”
by Matthew O’Shaughnessy

Matthew O’Shaughnessy

Here we are in the midst of the Summer of 2012 and already Attika 7’s stellar new album, Blood Of My Enemies,” continues its upward conquest on unsuspecting eardrums all over the world. This is not only a must have album for the year, but it is also a record with serious overtones for one of its members, famed Sons Of Anarchy motorcycle builder, Rusty Coones, who penned the material in the unforgiving environment and confines of a federal penitentiary no less. Attika 7 features Ex - Biohazard great Evan Seinfeld on vocals, Rusty Coones on guitar, Scott Reeder from Kyuss on bass, Zach Broderick from Nonpoint on guitar, and Tommy Holt from UPO on drums, and their debut album which has been received like wildfire was recorded by famed producer Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack).

Blood Of My Enemies features songs about the trials and tribulations of life when the walls are closing in and your allies turn and run. These are not by any chance or reason your average run of the mill lyrics or music for that matter. Here in the Attika 7 camp and on "Blood Of My Enemies," you will find inspirational music about standing and fighting for your survival, alone. Perhaps a soundtrack for the disenfranchised, the outcast, the misfits of our society. According to vocalist Evan Seinfeld, “Everything that I have was born out of turmoil. I’ve seen a lot of good and I’ve seen a lot of bad, but either way I’ve seen a lot.”

Attika 7

Rusty Coones was trying to get Attika 7 rolling for some time even when he was out of prison. I had just done my last Biohazard album and just decided I needed to do something more melodic and was just going to let me grow with and evolve with and I was looking for that evolution of myself. I’m the kind of person if I am not growing and actively changing, I feel like I’m falling down a hole. I like to be pushing and creating and inventing. Nothing bad per say. I wanted to do something that was going to help me grow as a singer and performer. I made a decision that I was going to make a clean break and just start something new. Nobody really expected it. And exactly twenty four hours later I get a phone call from Rusty who says, “Hey, man we just fired the singer out of our band but will you do a show or two with my band because I’m trying to get this thing going.” And I said, “Yeah, well of course – you’re my friend. Send me the music, send me the lyrics. And he sent me the music and I loved it right away; it reminded me a little bit of Black Sabbath and, you know, just straight ahead melodic metal. When I got the lyrics it reminded me of the feeling I got when I first started Biohazard. Like these gut-wrenching heartfelt lyrics written from the bottom, from the depths. For me it was my own internal agony and drug addiction and problems in my life at the time. But, these lyrics were written in prison in solitary confinement and they were fucking hardcore. They completely captured my attention. And all of a sudden, my destiny and my past became really clear and I was going to get involved with this with Rusty to make something really heavy and melodic and timeless. That was kind of the goal; to do something that was going to help me re-invent myself to make me a better singer, to make the songs as good as they can, to see Rusty’s vision go from facing life in prison and maybe never getting these songs off a pad and paper – to this Summer being on the Uproar Tour with Godsmack and playing in front of thousands of people these very songs and having an album out! The story of Attika 7 is really interesting because it’s one of rebirth and it’s a story of re-invention and redemption at the same time.”

Attika 7

The first single from Blood Of My Enemies is the raging “Devil’s Daughter.” Says, Evan Seinfeld, “Devils Daughter” was a song that came about really organically; me and Rusty just tooling around with riffs in the studio. The kind of acoustic intro was something that Rusty came up with and the heavy riffs I came up with. We kind of put them all together. I always wanted to write a song about the seduction of addiction. The song is kind of metaphorical. Devil’s Daughter could just be that smoking hot chick that takes you out of all sense of reason; or it could be the alcohol or cocaine that’s calling your name at five o’clock in the morning that’s making you crawl out the window to sell some shit to get money. But either way it’s that high that you get from something outside of yourself. Whether it be sex or drugs or music; whatever your Devil’s Daughter is. I think you can kind of hear our influences in that song from Type O Negative, Pantera, Slayer, to Danzig and Black Sabbath. It’s funny because it wasn’t the song we weren’t going to come out with first, but the record company – Rocket Science – really felt so strongly about “Devil’s Daughter” and thought it had some real hard rock and heavy metal crossover appeal.”

Attika 7

Blood Of My Enemies is a much needed album and tracks such as the opener, “Crackerman,” “Serial Killer,” “Greed and Power,” “All Or Nothing,” “Lock Down,” “The Cold Hard Truth,” “No Redemption,” “Blood Of My Enemies,” “Living in Oppression,” “Dying Slowly,” “Hellbound,” and the album’s closer, “War,” all go to prove that Attika 7 is here to stay in a monumental way. Now, get ready to see them tear it up on the Uproar Tour!

~Matthew O’Shaughnessy


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